Friday, September 17, 2010

What were you thinking?

For all you American Idol voters...I've got a beef to pick with you!

Ya'll realize that in American Idol (as opposed to other reality shows), we are voting for who we want to STAY on the show. NOT who we want kicked off! This is the only explanation I can think of when it comes to Chris Daughtry getting the boot last night and Elliott being in the top two. I can understand, if he had a REALLY bad night, but he didn't. He lost out to Miss Can't remember the lyrics to an ELVIS song for goodness sakes. He lost out to Mr. Goofy looking guy too!

Don't get me wrong. They are all good and talented. But when it comes to the final four, when you have to step it up..(like Taylor Hicks did in my opinion...GO TAYLOR), you can't go doing the same ol' thing or forgetting the lyrics. The universe has been altered. My world is not right anymore. Ok. Maybe I'm not that dramatic about it, but I still say, ROCK ON CHRIS!!! When's the album coming out? I'll buy it!!!!


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