Friday, September 17, 2010

Wanna Talk About Me

"I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about number one, oh my me my. What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see. I like talkin about you, you, you, you, usually. But occassionally, I wanna talk about me!" -Tobey Keith

Ok. So normally, I would love to hear more about someone else than about myself, but I'm in an odd mood tonight.

To know me, to really know to know the following:

1. I LOVE country music. Love Tobey Keith. I also love rocking out and jazz (especially Harry Connick Jr.). Really I just love music.

2. I LOVE to laugh. I love laughing with my girls, with my husband, at a good comedian, anything that tickles my fancy. However, I passionately disklike being tickled. Especially my feet. Watch out, you may get kicked upside the head if you do. (some know this from experience).

3. I am a LIST-aholic. I make lists of my lists. Not necessarily "to do" lists, where I check things off. But writing a list helps me organize my thoughts...which leads to number 4.

4. I am extremely organized when it comes to my thoughts and my work. My home, however, is "lived in" and "not-so-organized" (it's hard to have it any other way with 4 girls). But I love being organized. I love when I have it all together and planned and ready for anything.

5. I am a worry wart. This is something that I am working on...not worrying so much. But if there is something to worry about, I will. I'm extremely cautious when it comes to safety. (Mine or my families). I constantly think about the "worst case scenario". Because of this, I hate to be left in a house alone after dark, go out alone after dark, or have strangers come up to me unexpectedly! FREAKS ME OUT!!!

6. I LOVE my camera! I LOVE capturing the personalities of others. I LOVE the challenge. I LOVE the creative outlet. I LOVE capturing those moments in time forever. And when someone else loves the pictures I take for them, I love it even more!

7. I love eating. Not just anything. I love eating really good food. I'll eat fast food, home made food, etc. But I can do without it too. I CRAVE delicious food. The kind that you take a bite and just want to savor it forever. The kind where you walk away thinking, "OH! YUM!" Favorite restaurants: Cheesecake Factory and Maddey's Tavern. OH! YUM!

8. Love my "pickies". Ever since I was a baby, I had a yarn tied blanket (not always the same one). I "pick" at the little yarn bows and always have. It's a habit. One that I have never been able to break. One that I've never had a real desire to break. So to this day, I have a blanket with "pickies".

9. Most importantly, I love my family and friends. I love spending "family time", playing games, talking, watching a movie. I love hanging out with friends, eating, chatting, just being me. I love being around people that just let me be me.


Charlie took this photo of me in Catalina. I like it!

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