Friday, September 17, 2010


I was browsing some blogs today looking for something to inspire me. This caught my eye, thought I would share.

I AM: a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and among other things, an aspiring photographer

I WANT: to be a well known photographer

I HAVE: a beautiful family with four girls

I WISH: I could spend more time with my over worked hubby

I HATE: Liars. Be bold. Be honest.

I MISS: My uncle. He passed away this past November. Last few years we spent 4th of July as a family. This 4th of July will be our first family gathering without him.

I HEAR: The whirring of my computer. (it's late, my kids are in bed)

I WONDER: If things will work out smoothly and my family can really move to Texas this winter.

I REGRET: not realizing my passion for photography sooner.

I AM NOT: a morning person

I DANCE: When I am goofing off with my girls.

I SING: my baby to sleep, when I'm driving along in the car, and at church (not well, I might add)

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as eloquent as I would like to be.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: scrapbooks and crafts

I WRITE: lists. I am a list freak (finding out that my oldest daughter has inherited my psycho habit too)

I CONFUSE: peoples names. I am SO bad with names.

I NEED: Time to recover from illness.

I SHOULD: go to bed to recover from illness.

I START: the car, laundry, dinner, the dishwasher, the bathtub.....

I FINISH: when I am done.

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