Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Year Anniversary

For our ten year anniversary (which is actually in July but cheaper to go in May) we went on a four day cruise to Ensenada. We had a blast. We left our many worries, cares, and children at home (kids were with grandma & grandpa), and headed off on a cruise.

We left Monday afternoon from Los Angeles and boarded the Monarch of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). Monday evening the ship departed on it's way to San Diego. We had lunch at the buffet, took a nap, went to a show, went to formal dining and had delicious food and dessert, checked out the ship some more.

Tuesday we were docked in San Diego. After breakfast we walked to SeaSide Village, snooped and just relaxed. Went back to the ship for lunch, a nap, then off to an art auction. Never in a million years would I attend an art auction, but on the cruise we did, and we had an utter blast. We didn't bid on anything, but in the future I want to own several of Emile Bellet's paintings. Absolutely beautiful. Then off to our formal night dinner. We got all dressed up and ate escargo, (normally can't stand it, but this was delicious), and other amazing food and desserts. Then off to some late shows.

Wednesday we docked in Catalina. Our first time there and it was beautiful. Such an amazing little place. We walked around, went to the little museum, ate in a little cafe, and went on a glass bottom boat tour. After we went back to the ship for an Art Educational Seminar where the auctioneer (who is an art dealer) gave us information on the difference in paintings, lithographs, etc. What to look for if you want to collect art as an investment, and other really interesting facts. I've become very interested in art. Still my favorite is Bellet. Then to dinner and more shows. Then rest up for the midnight Chocolate buffet. Amazing!!!

Thursday we were in Ensenada. We had breakfast delivered to our room and then rushed off to Ensenada where we caught a tour bus to La Bufadora (or the Blow Hole). It's where the ocean rushes up in between the cracks of a mountain and shoots water high into the sky and makes a weird roaring/whistling sound. Beautiful scenery. Then off to fight our way through the little shops there, where the people practically cling to your feet and drag behind you trying to get you to come into their shop and buy something. This is also a definite bartering place. On a silver ring that I was just looking at the price went from $180 down to $50 before he wouldn't go any lower as I walked away. In another little shop, we saw those felt art work paintings. There was Tupoc, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, and Joseph Smith. This artwork went from $55 down to $30. (No we didn't get it). We did buy a couple things that my mom asked us to pick up and some little bracelets for the girls that had their names on them (they made them specifically for us). Then it was off to a Mexican Fiesta and Folkloric dance. Amazing dresses, dances and fun. Then back to the ship for dinner and more shows before heading home.

We had such an amazing time and can't thank my parents enough for watching the girls. Thank you!


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