Friday, September 17, 2010

Walking the Road

“We each have to walk through life on our own,

but no one should have to do it alone.”

- Sheri Dew

I’ve only graced this earth for just short of 30 years. There have been times of loneliness and despair, but many more times of overwhelming joy, happiness, and peace. Through all the trials that I have faced (and I know I will be facing many more), I have come to realize that I need friends. I need other women.

I have come to know many amazing women. Amazing Grandmothers, Mothers, Friends, Sisters, Wives, Aunts, and Cousins. From every woman that I have ever met, I have learned something from them. From my mother, I have learned to stay true to my beliefs. Own them, Live them, and Proclaim them. From my sisters, I have learned Caring, Friendship, Patience, and Forgiveness. From friends I have learned that friendship is golden. I have learned to be a better mother, to have more patience with my children, how to show kindness and unconditional love. I have witnessed women first hand be strong; yet weak, mad; yet loving, hurt; yet sympathetic. Women care for others in a way that no one else can. They serve with their whole hearts and wish they could do more. I’ve learned to be a better wife, a better mother, a better friend. I’ve seen women sacrifice everything for someone else’s happiness.

Thank you to every woman I have ever served or has served me. Every woman who I have taught or has taught me. Thank you for your kindness, your example, your faith and your love. Thank you for joining me on the walk.

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