Friday, September 17, 2010

We're Off!

As my dad used to say,

1. "We are off like a dirty shirt!" OR

2. "We are off like a Terd of Hurtles!"

You pick which one you like better. Either way, we are hitting the road. Off to Utah, Idaho, with various cities as our destination in each of the states. First REAL family vacation EVER. (If you read my blog, you'll conclude that it's been 10 years). First trip for Joylyn. (A little nervous to find out if she is a good traveler or not). First time out of California for most of our girls. First time having to pack for a family of 6, into a small mini van. SERIOUSLY need a trailor to haul all this junk.

When I get back, I will work on posting pictures, stories, and all the updates on our fabuloso trip. (Look at me being optomistic already...hee hee). out because here we come!

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