Friday, September 17, 2010

Day of Friends

Today was a very long day, however one of the best in a long time. The day started by going with a few girlfriends and their children to the park. I always enjoy sitting at the park, letting the kids play, and enjoying the conversations with other moms. A conversation with an adult is very few and far between when you are a stay at home mom, so a conversation with a few women that you actually like being around and talking to, is almost unheard of. What a treat. Then when we realized we all the need to go to Costco, we decided to all head over, get the kids some food, and then all head to Costco. Imagine the poor Wendy's employee's who saw us coming. Four women with 10 children (still 5 were not with us). We took up a full quarter of the restaurant. Then off to Costco for us all.

After getting home, my husband and I got ready to go to dinner with some friends. We had a great time, getting to know them better and enjoying their company. After dinner my friend and I headed to Target for some more shopping, instead of returning straight home for the kids. We shopped for a couple hours, just talking, laughing, and having a great time.

On Friday I get to take pictures of her girls. It will be my first photo shoot of someone else's kids. I'm really excited and I hope that the pic's turn out as good as I am hoping. I've been searching through several of my favorite photographers photos to see if there is anything that I can use for inspiration. I'm just really excited....and a little nervous! Wish me luck!

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