Monday, February 28, 2011

February Came and Went

Not a whole lot to report with February. We were crazy busy as usual, but nothing super exciting.
The month started with a week off of school due to the weather. Then another day here and another day there. Our church youth activities were canceled two weeks in a row and even one of our Sunday services were canceled as well.

Other than the snow, this month was full.
Lil M&M won an award for a writing an essay. She won first place for her Elementary Fourth grade class. She is a great writer.

Lil Avestrus won "Most Realistic" for his Pinewood Derby truck.

I made, what seemed like, a bazillion cakes. This one was for New Beginnings.

This Diego cake was for a friends son.

This was for a double birthday. A young boy and a young girl. The snake for the boy and the flowers for the girl.

This one was for fun. Just to try the basket weaving with the icing.

This was a bakugan cake for a friends son. It was awesome.

This was for a baby shower.

Other things this month; church callings, youth activities, New Beginnings, Activity Days, dentist visits, PTA obligations, eye exams (of which Resa is getting new glasses and we are just waiting for them to come in), Valentine's Parties, a new hair color, an overnight trip to Dallas for Charlie and me (celebrating 15 year anniversary of his proposal to me), Baby Ruth's first talk in Primary, illnesses and me signing up to sell Lia Sophia Jewelry. It's been a hectic month. I'm glad that it's over, however, March isn't looking any better.

This month ended with the elementary school's Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. M&M has one more year and then Baby Ruth will have her daddy all to herself for 5 full years. I think she will enjoy those years immensely.

Friday, February 4, 2011

First Week of February

I was all excited for February, hoping things would calm down a little. I didn't however expect everything to STOP!!!
The first week of February has been spent shut in our house due to "inclement weather".
Freezing rain, then snow that iced over, and now snow again.
It's been the coldest record in Dallas area in over 15 years.
One day this week was 14 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like -4 degrees. It was so cold and icy that the kids couldn't even go out to enjoy the snow.

They've been home Tuesday - Friday with more snow storms expected next week.
Snow fell again last night and this morning and so today was the first day that they were able to really go out and "play" in the snow. However, it's so powdery and fluffy that they can't even build a snowman. But they still had some fun. For 10 minutes, until it was too cold and they came back in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog Slacker

That seems to be the title of all of my blog posts as of late. Since getting my iPhone I don't have much need to get on my laptop other than to edit photos. So blogging is the last thing on my mind. But then when I get a chance to go and check all my friends blogs and their updates, it makes me wish I were a better blogger. So that is my goal this year. To do better.

January has already passed in a whirlwind of craziness (what else can you expect from our family).
The year started with a split in our ward. So a new ward meant a new calling. Charlie was recalled to be executive secretary for the bishop and I was asked to serve as the first councilor in the Young Women organization. I am LOVING every minute of it. January also brought a little snow. Enough to have church canceled. I've been busy working out (still have quite a few pounds to lose, but I'm half way there), being mom to 6 kids, PTA, baking cakes for friends, loss of a family friend, my father having a stroke and being hospitalized.
Emilyn was awarded first prize for an essay that she wrote and it was published in a small book along with several other winners from each of the districts schools.
It was a rollercoaster month. I was ready for February!!!