Friday, September 17, 2010

One of "THOSE" Years!

We are headed into June. Almost half way through the year. It has been one of "those" years. The ones where you just keep having trial after trial and you aren't quite sure when it will stop? That is the kind of year that I am having. I think that it's just being 29. However, I am grateful for the challenges and the growing that I have done and am still doing.


I started my 29th year being very, "large with child". I was very uncomfortable and anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby #4. It was sure a difficult pregnancy and I was just happy that it would soon be at an end.


Joylyn Ruth Brooks arrived a few weeks later, on October 26th, 2005. Just before Halloween. It was a slow recovery, but well worth the effort.


In December, my Uncle David passed away. A very sad time. Even though I know with all my heart that we will see him again, it's hard to know that it won't be in this life. We love him dearly and he is missed greatly.


In January, I rolled my ankle off of a curb and tore ligaments in my ankle. Three weeks on crutches. Another 8 weeks in a walking boot. Then slowly using my foot, then physical therapy, it finally started to heal. Just in time for our anniversary cruise. Thank goodness.

Just before our cruise, Charlie was given "Notified Redeployment". Basically it meant that he was going to be "let go" due to financial cuts on the account he was working on. They were giving him 30-90 days to find a job either with IBM or with another company. So after our cruise, we started working on finding another job. (Not a pleasant experience).

A few weeks later, he was to meet with his boss about his job searching. Instead of the conversation we were expecting, Charlie's boss notified him that he was no longer on the Redeployment List and that he got to keep his job. So we have decided to ask permission to work from home and move to Texas. We are planning this move just after our vacation to Idaho in July/August. We are very excited and are looking forward to the new challenge before us.

However, I think my body had an over load. I threw out my back (doing who knows what), went to a chiropractor, got it fixed. Thought I had contracted Poison Oak somehow, but found out today that it is actually "Shingles". Shingles is a Chicken Pox virus, that is linked to being brought on by stress. Basically it is a virus that starts in your spine and travels out your nerves and leaves a rash (comparable to Poison Oak) on one side of your body. If caught early, it can be treated with anti-biotics. However, I didn't catch it early enough and now there is nothing to do but deal with the pain and wait it out.
I'm not sure what the next challenge is, but I expect one to come soon. I feel this year will be full of them. I'm anxiously awaiting 30 and hoping my 30th year will be much less eventful.

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