Friday, May 18, 2012


A couple weeks ago, Joylyn received an invitation to her best friends birthday party at our community pool. Nathan and Joylyn love to draw and play pretend, so it didn\'t surprise me that I overheard them talking about making their own invitations to their birthday party. From the kitchen, I told them that their invites were just pretend because their birthday wasn\'t until October. They said yes they knew, but were just copying like Brooklyn\'s invitation. So I kept making dinner and didn\'t think anything of it.
Fast forward 2 days. We woke up and got all the older kids out the door to school. I had a meeting at the school, so Charlie finished getting Nate ready while I got in the shower. Nates ride came to pick him up as I got out of the shower and I overheard her asking him what all the envelopes were for? It wasn\'t until after she drove away, that I realized he was bringing his "invitations" to his friends at school. (I had never seen them, so I had no clue what they said or if they were just copies of the invite Joylyn had received). I quickly called his teacher, miss Trina, to ask her to run interference.
Luckily, he had just drawn pictures for all his friends and called them invitations. We got a good laugh out of this alone.
But fast forward til today when I got an email from Miss Trina with another Nathanism.

She had heard him talking to one of the boys about his party and the boy said, "but my mom doesn\'t know where your house is."
Nathan\'s response? "your mom knows! All moms know where houses are."

That\'s a lot of faith in us moms. I love it!

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