Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15: Sunday january 15, 2012

Last night before going to the temple the Bishop dropped by to release me from my calling as the first counselor in the Young Women organization. He said that I wouldn\'t be long without a calling and that I may be getting a call first thing on Sunday morning.
Not once did I think that I would be released and not called back into YW, until Sunday morning when the call didn\'t come. I knew if I didn\'t receive a call that I wouldn\'t be in the YW organization anymore.
I cried a little, but sucked it up because it was a silly reason to cry.
However, when we got to church and the bishop started the releasings and new callings I couldn\'t control my emotions. I just cried.
I\'ve only been in young women for one year, but that year was a lot of time and energy put into these girls of mine. They become my girls. I love them like my own kids (one of them really is).
I\'m sad that I won\'t see them every Wednesday night and every Sunday. I\'m sad that I don\'t get to hear their crazy comments in class or watch their personalities grow and shine, the way you do as a leader.
I am way excited for them and the changes with the new leaders. They are some amazing women. However, I will miss them dearly.

these are my girls

I love all my girls. Even the ones that moved away. :(

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